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“When we listen to a piece rendered by Yehudi Menuhin, the famous American violinist, we are transported into a […]

An Introduction to Violins

The history of the violin runs for centuries as an instrument that is used in various musical genres like […]

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Learn to Play Violin Online

Learning to play violin is considered to be one of the hardest stringed instrument to tackle but with more […]

Learning How to Play Violin

Spiritually Enlightening Notes on A Violin

Violin is a bowed instrument that originated from Asia and later on got carried to other parts of the world. The sound of the instrument depends on the shape and wood used in its make. The instrument gets better with age and the older instruments are expensive in comparison to a newly constructed violin. Violins are not only artistic in looks but also have the original class in their sound. The old generation has seen the transformation of the instrument in the way it is being accepted […]

Enthusiasm About Learning to Play Violin

Learning anything new takes time. When it comes to learning to play violin is no different. In other words, it takes dedication, effort, persistance, some talent, and desire to keep practicing until you reach the next level of your education. If you want to learn to play violin, it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to gain the experience to play well. Set aside time every day so that you can practice your lessons. Violin can be very difficult to learn so setting realistic goals is […]

The Haunting of the Violin

The sad and haunting melodies of a violinist are never forgotten. They remain with you always coming back again and again. The true charm of music lies in how it can affect you and your emotions. I believe that violin has the power of captivation. It is not only sad but uplifting also. The true instrument of love and emotion, the violin truly is a wonder among all the musical instruments. A good violin is made up of a spruce top, maple ribs and back. Two end […]

Learning to Play Violin Online

Are you interested in learning to play the violin? If so, this article will provide some practical advice. Firstly, decide on how far you think you might want to take your violin education. For example, do you want to simply play basic songs for yourself or friends? Or, do you aspire to play in a concert perfomance among other talented musicians? Don’t worry, there is not “right” answer but, it’s a good idea to set some initial goals. Also, decide if you’d like to learn to play […]